Friday, December 3, 2010


Week 9 of this DTS has just ended and we leave for Thailand in exactly two weeks! (Sat, Dec 18.) My team is getting really excited and the final preparations are starting to fall into place.
So much has happened over the last few weeks that it's hard to know how to summarize. One of the big highlights was week eight when we had Mark Parker teaching on the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Everyone had opportunity to lay burdens down at the cross, confess sin publicly, let go of shame and guilt, praise God without inhibitions and basically do whatever they needed to do to make Jesus Lord of every part of their lives. Six students were baptized in Ashley Gorge and we ended the week by having communion together. The change in people's lives is evident and has continued to be walked out. Not everyone is struggling less but everyone is more quick to repent and seek reconciliation. This is what discipleship is all about.

Here's a quick update on my financial situation:
Everyone on my outreach team is paid for in full but in the rest of the school as a whole there is still about $12,000 that still needs to come in. (That number was over $20,000 a few days ago so praise God for that.)
Through a series of mini-miracles that happened back home (car insurance refund, lost wallet found and some Christmas gifts) I have juuuuust enough money for my outreach. I also have a plane ticket as far as L.A. after the DTS is finished... beyond that I am waiting to see how God provides. All glory goes to the All-sufficient One for bringing the money in just when it was needed and I have complete faith in Him to do the same in the future.

Thanks for your prayers! Keep lifting up the students and staff on this DTS and the nations that we will be inundating with God's love two weeks from now.

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