Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day Eight: Sabbath Rest

Greetings from Kathmandu!
Praise God for our safe arrival after over two days of traveling. We are all especially thankful for being able to travel with such a great team. Only God could give us so much grace with each other. It's amazing what cheerful attitudes everyone has had even after barely sleeping in the last 85 hours or so.
Christmas in Bangkok was a really interesting experience. We arrive about one in the morning and headed straight for Khao San Road, which is the touristy marketplace type area. The party scene was just picking up so we spent some time wandering around and talking to drunks, then napped in a park for a while until it got light and then spent the rest of the day wandering through the city and getting a little taste of Thai culture. The best part was being able to reconnect with our friends on the Thailand team. We took communion together and sang some Christmas carols and worship songs. On top of all that I bought some cheap Fisherman's pants and got a fish foot massage. All in all it was a good day.
We were there for about twenty hours then flew on to Delhi, where our next flight kept getting delayed and we ended up spending about twelve hours in the airport. Which was really frustrating but once again the team pulled together and made the best of a bad situation. Many people in the airport seemed to keep gravitating towards us and engaging us in conversation or just looking on as we played games and whatnot. We got our first glimpse of the Himalayas on our flight to Kathmandu and arrived mid-morning, jet-lagged and bleary-eyed. We were immediately mobbed by taxi drivers but assured them that we had friends coming to pick us up, as we had arranged to spend our first two nights at the YWAM base here, but with all the delays we weren't able to meet them as we had expected and couldn't get into contact with them so we ended up staying at a hostel instead. We all went to bed really early and slept for at least twelve hours, some were pushing twenty I think, and today we are taking our sabbath day and just trying to rest up and get somewhat acclimatised to the culture. It's been bit of a shock to some people. I was somewhat prepared after traveling a fair bit already, but even so, it's quite intense here. I gotta run, thanks for the prayers!

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