Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let Freedom Reign

It's another rainy day in Oxford. My washing has been out on the line for several days now, just begging for a patch of sunlight.
This first week of orientation has been admittedly dull. We have had very few duties beyond getting acquainted with the base, learning about YWAM history, structure and values and bonding as a staff team. Tomorrow morning we start getting into the meat and potatoes of defining vision for this school, assigning roles and preparing for the arrival of students. Pray that God would give us unity, that we would have one mind, one vision and one purpose. Pray that God would begin preparing the hearts of the students that will be arriving in October. Pray that our eyes would be lifted upward and outward, to see the greatness of our God and the ripeness of the harvest that He is longing to reap.
One of the best days this week was Thursday when a few of us had the opportunity to go into Christchurch and help clean up some of the earthquake damage. Physically we were not able to do much but even to touch the lives of a few people with an expression of Christ's love and compassion is a huge honour. A lot of people were more shaken up by the earthquake than they first admit. God is reminding us of the foolishness of placing our hope in the things of this world that will pass away. Pray that the church would rise up with acts of love to comfort hurting people and with a prophetic voice to speak truth into the lives of those who have no hope.
Perfect love casts out fear. He makes all things new.

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