Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day Thirty Six: Some Changes

I think that one of the things about this whole experience that will have the most lasting impact on my life is the testimony of all the radically different believers that we've had the privilege of meeting on our travels. What a joy it is to be able to travel all over the world, sit down with people you've never met and with whom you have almost nothing in common, and be able to worship and praise the same Lord who has saved us all.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon with a community of christian hippies living here in Arambol. I never really got the whole story on what exactly they do here but I have no doubt that they are a huge witness here. The light of Jesus shines through them so strongly. We heard some rumours that they usually meet up for worship somewhere around here on Sunday afternoons so we set off in search of them and were greatly refreshed by our fellowship with them.
Then in the evening we had our bonfire on the beach again. A few people went to an open jam session at one of the cafes. A few others went clubbing. It was a great night. We had lots of good conversations and we're meeting a few of the same people to take a hike to a nearby lake this afternoon. This last week we've been taking turns giving mini "sermonettes" so I'll top off the day by preaching on the beach this evening.
On Wednesday we are splitting into two groups. Gabriel, Nicki, Katie and Kaison will head for Hampi, which is east of here, and Petra, Anthony, Lydia and I will head south through Goa. Praise God that we have such amazing team unity that we are actually going to miss each other terribly for this week. It is a testament to God's sustaining power that we still love each other after this long together and the only reason we are splitting up is because we believe that is what God is calling us to do for most effective ministry in these last days. We plan on meeting up again in Hampi or possibly Mumbai... or maybe somewhere else... that's the way backpacking goes. If nothing else we'll meet up in Heaven one day.
Thank you for your continued prayers!

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