Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Forty: The Great Divorce

As misleading as the title of this post may sound, I couldn't resist stealing the name of a great C.S. Lewis novel. It makes me feel wiser.
Our plans were slightly reshuffled yesterday and Nicki ended up switching to the team heading south through Goa. So early this morning Nicki, Petra, Lydia, Anthony and I took the bus to Panjim (Panaji) and this evening Gabriel, Katie and Kaison will catch a sleeper bus to Hampi.
Panjim is the capital of Goa and besides being a convenient place to make day trips to Old Goa (which was the Portuguese capital until it was abandoned in the 1500's) there really isn't much of interest here. We did a little bit of exploring this afternoon but haven't met very many travellers at all. We're thinking about seeing a Bollywood film tonight and then probably checking out Old Goa tomorrow. Where to next? Only God knows. Literally though, only God knows. We seriously have no clue.
I just bought a book called "Jesus Lived in India". I had never heard of it before coming to India but many people that we've met seem to believe that Jesus spent much of his childhood here, studying under Bhuddist and Hindu teachers and, after "surviving" the crucifixion returned here to live to an old age as an Indian guru. It all sounds like bullhonky to me but I figured I'd better get an idea of where the ideas come from so I can converse intelligently on the topic.
I'm a little bit confused about what day it is... I think some of my previous posts were dated wrong... I might go back and changed those at some point. I'm pretty sure this is our fortieth day of outreath though.
Keep praying that God would prepare the hearts of the people that He wants us to impact during our time here and that He would lead us to them. That He would give us the words to speak and live out His life through our actions and attitudes.
Pray also that as we "put our ears to the ground" here in Panjim that God would give us clear direction on how long He wants us to stay and where we should go next.
Praise God that everyone's health is in top form even after the stuffy bus ride this morning and lots of walking around in the hot, hot sun.
Pray that our team would remain united in purpose, prayer and power despite the fact that we are separated temporarily.

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