Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Forty Two: Where to now, God?

So Panaji was pretty dull. It was very hard to meet people and we literally did not have a single meaningful conversation. After a day and a half it was clearly time to move on. Still, we had no idea of where to go next. The question we asked ourselves last night was: "are we okay with just showing up at the bus station in the morning and asking God which bus to get on?" The answer was a unanimous resounding "yes".
It didn't turn out quite that dramatically, we had a general direction in mind. We've heard quite a few people mention how nice Gokarna was. We didn't really know exactly where it was but we knew that it was south and that we needed to head through Margoa wherever we ended up going so we headed there first, praying that we would meet some people along the way.
Sure enough, in the Margoa bus station while I was looking around for information about Gokarna, Petra befriended Oman and Ina, two German guys who were also heading that way and we ended up spending the rest of the day with them, shared rickshaws and got beach huts right next to each other. We were also able to meet a few Dutchies along the way and, get this, an English lady traveling BY HERSELF with THREE children! (Ages 9, 3 and 1.) Some vacation eh?
Gokarna is awesome so far. We arrived around supper time so we haven't seen much yet. We are actually staying about 9km out of Gokarna at Om Beach. It's literally just jungle, beach huts, restaurants and piles of backpackers. That's it. It's paradise. Well, actually, that's the name of the next beach down.
Yesterday we read through some of our notes from two months ago when we prayed about some of the locations in India that we thought we might be going to.
Here's some of the things that we had:
A vision of coastal fog, covering up spiritual bondage.
You may not necessarily know where you're going.
You will see something different and refreshing.
How badly do you want team unity?
It was weird to read through those things, which we had pretty much forgotten about, and realize that all of them had been fulfilled. The spiritual haziness of Arambol, our last minute travel decisions, spending a whole day wandering through grand cathedrals in Old Goa and praying hard for the rest of our team, though we are currently apart.
Speaking of the rest of the team, we just got an email from them about ten minutes ago. Gabriel, Katie and Kaison (and Theresa, the German girl who's traveling with them) just arrived in Hampi after their overnight bus broke down several times and ended up dropping them off 14km from their destination. They managed to get there somehow but apparently they were too late to get the ferry across the river so the spent a night in some back alley. On top of all that Kaison lost his bag that had all his valuables in it, including his passport.

Praise God for a great day of travel, for us anyway, and for all the great witnessing opportunities we've had here already. Gokarna looks like it's ripe for harvest.
Praise God for the great health that our team has had. No one has been sick for over a week! (Side note, pray for Kent, on the other YWAM India team, who is currently in the hospital, in Delhi or Jaipur I think, and is passing blood.)
Pray for continued passion and purpose for these last few days of outreach and much fruit.
Pray for the other half of our team, who have had a rough couple of days.

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